Who We Are


Paachi chocolate has an unforgettable taste and is incomparable to any other brand.  Our premium imported chocolate is scrumptious as well as successful in its marketability.  Our chocolate is prepared with 70% butter juice of cacao whereas other brand name chocolate providers merely add 30% cacao.  This is the reasoning behind our chocolateís splendid taste.  As the chocolate melts in your mouth you donít have to worry about the bitter aftertaste that most other chocolates leave.  You are left with only organic sweetness.  Itís heaven in your mouth! Not only do we sell chocolate by the pound but we also create arrangements designed with chocolate.  No one arrangement can compare to the other in that each based on the clientís personal preference and taste.  The rarity of the designs promises that your arrangement will be special.  Who would have ever thought that chocolate could have so many uses?   


Weddings, engagement parties, christenings, baptisms, baby and wedding showers, baby welcomes, and etc., we do it all.  Aside from selling chocolate by the pound, we also have separate decorated chocolate by the piece.  The decorations are very unique and range from $4 to $15 each piece.  They are a beautiful addition to any arrangement and can serve as part of party favors and plate settings. 



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